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Unravel - Calia Read
"“When a person is lucky enough to live inside a story, to live inside an imaginary world, the pains of this world disappear. For as long as the story goes on, reality no longer exists.” "

Awesome book streak + birthday weekend. Holla.

Ya'll. I've been on a awesome book reading binge.

and I hate to think that the next book could be terrible and ruin the streak of awesomeness.

But I put that in the back of my mind.

Tomorrow is my birthday. and today, I'm goin buy myself a cupcake.

and maybe roam around Books-a-Million for a while.


Holy shit. This book was phenomenal.

Unravel - Calia Read

There’s a point towards the end where I was thinking “wow, I really don’t see what’s wrong with this girl. Why is she in a crazy hospital? I’m no doctor but I can diagnose her as not crazy, just under pressure with all the drama going on, it’s really mean for all these people to make her seem like she is insane” and then BOOM, holy shit, now I see why.

And I immediately mentally went back trying to see how this could be and yeah, the pieces are there I just wasn’t putting them together

Because we’re reading from her perspective so we’re the patient. And that tripped my mind up.


These are becoming my favorite types of books. (the second with this particular disorder that I’ve read this year (and I still didn’t see it coming!) and I’m seriously intrigued).

Dark physiological thrillers. Head fuckers.

I was sickened once everything really started for Naomi and Lana. It was a punch in the gut I wasn’t expecting and not something I’ve read about ever. Not once. And I almost puked in my mouth. 

And once it almost wrapped up, I was still sick. Because it was still going on. Even now I’m pissed just thinking about it! What’s wrong with people!?!

Lachlan and Max.

Ah, boy. Most of that was really, really hot.
And then it was sweet.

The story is a good one, it is done well. It is done in such a way that it is not tacky, which is how this book could’ve turned out very, very bad. Unravel is incredibly detailed and complex.

The back story alone is touching and worth the read (and there were so many clues, why didn’t I see!?!?!!).

A well written, edge of your seat page turner. An unbelievably, moving rapture of feelings. Unravel is one of my favorite books this year.

I referred to Blue's Clues in a review. I'm 23.

The Hook Up - Kristen Callihan

Easily one of my favorite books of 2014. The Hook Up is everything I didn’t know I needed.

I am from middle of nowhere Football USA South Louisiana. I grew up with Friday night football games, and nachos, and swooning over the all the boys on the sidelines with my friends. My gym class in high school was spent panting the field for the games coming up that week.

For as long as I remember, every Saturday, Sunday and Monday has been dedicated to football at my house. Half of my closet is college football t-shirts. I went to college is a college town where Blue and Gold or Purple and Gold were the main colors of everyone on any campus. We bleed football down here.

And yet, all I know about football is that The Patriots are cheaters and that Payton Manning is a God (according to my mom, anyways). I know the very basics, but the only time I’ll sit down to watch a game is the Super Bowl, and that’s just for the commercials and half-time performance.

Anna Jones is a real, multi-dimensional, true southern girl. I instantly related to Anna in a disturbingly wrong way. I get where she is coming from with the thinking. Her inner monologue about not being good enough is also my inner monologue sometimes. I think there are way too many of us that feel that same way and I wish that wasn’t a fact. 

“I’m not going to say it was love at first sight. No, it was more like oh, hell-yes-please, I’ll have that. With a helping of right-the-fuck-now on the side.” –Anna Jones, everyone.

Drew Baylor.
Every quiet girls dirty dream. 
Star quarterback and sweetheart.
Good Lord, I was ready for the dick jock act, but what I got was borderline perfection.

This book was funny, y’all. It’s cheeky. The banter between Jones and Baylor is my favorite thing at the moment.

It’s hot. Like holy hell, can we Blue’s Clues this shit and I can jump into this scene?

It’s real. They deal with issues that we all deal with. Indecisiveness about the future and the inevitable.

Drew and his boys were THE BEST! I died laughing most of the time and flat out grinned any other time. (So happy Gray is getting his own story!)

Most of all, The Hook Up made me want this sort of thing. This kind of relationship. A relationship at all. When a book makes me question my singledom, that’s when I know it’s made a mark on me.
“I am so gone on him. I want to dance in place. I want to run and hide.” Shit, y'all. I want that!

The Hook Up is interesting and funny and sweet. The dual pov takes us into the mind of both Baylor and Jones. It’s everything you need.

Beautiful book.

Butterfly - Elle Harper, Sibel Hodge

What is the fascination with rape victims in New Adult books? I’ve read half a dozen books with this being a recurring theme and it kind of makes me sick. It seems that some of these books are implying that all you need is a good guy to help you cope with your attack. Or they have this “hero” who gets it all wrong and forcefully gets the woman to admit she was raped. There is this one book where this guy basically corners a girl, grabs her shoulders and forces her to tell him what happened. THAT is not a healthy way to do it.

Butterfly breaks those stereotypes and does this perfectly. Beautiful and heartbreaking, Elle Harper touches this subject in a very realistic, frightening way.

I loved Grace. Her story broke my heart every time a new piece was introduced. She doesn’t start out a strong character, but she grows to believe she is.

Ben. Sweet, troubled Ben. His story killed me, as well. He is a counselor, specializing in rape victims and he had the most amazing things to say. (Guy in that other book, take a cue from Ben. He knows what he's doing).

(Let me veer off the path for a second: During my third semester of college, I had this guy hold the door open for me. I said thanks and he responded with “you’re welcome, baby”, which I immediately rolled my eyes at, but turned to smile at him anyways. He then started walking with me toward the parking lot during which he asked for my number, he handed me his phone to enter it in and his background was of a spread-eagle naked women. So with that, I gave him a fake number and told him goodbye. He continued following me, asking me what I was majoring in. After I told him accounting, he said, with the smoothness of a guy who is used to getting what he wants and who obviously has trouble hearing, “awe, counseling? I need counseling.” Not understand what the fuck he was talking about, I asked him why and he answered with “because I have a broken heart.” Needless to say, I never saw that guy again. I don’t even remember his name). 

And THAT is what I think of every time I hear the word counseling.

Anyways, Ben is a counselor and he is just the sweetest thing. I’m so glad Grace found someone like him to help her heal. It warms my heart!!

Lisa is a great supporting character. She says a very important thing that stuck out to me the most. “He didn’t make you do those things. He gave you the tools to use so you could heal yourself.” Ben may have helped her out, but ultimately Grace overcame it herself.

There is a great romance swirling around in this book. A slow, languid, beautiful, healing romance that made my heart clench with happiness. Grace and Ben get through their troubles together, helping each other out any way they can.

I’m always wary when it comes to books about rape, because none of us can truly understand how it feels to be a victim unless it has happened to you. And that is not necessarily a mindset I wanna delve into. It’s a touchy subject and it is not always handled well. This book touches on every type of person who is around rape. The victim. The healer. The friend. The asshole who doesn’t believe you and blames you for it (Seriously, I have a note on my Kindle that just says “fuck Claire”).

Butterfly is worth picking up. It’s worth the tears and the stupid, happy smile you will have in the end.

Southbound Surrender - Raen Smith

I started out loving this.

Cash’s voice was one I could read in for days. It was a bit John Green esque, and I couldn’t put it down. He was your typical teenage boy, but he was witty and adorable with a “Luella Intuition” that intrigued me. God, he was awesome.

So things happened and promises were made and kisses were stolen and I was eager to find out what the heck was going on.

And then 5 years pass without Cash and Piper seeing each other.

But it doesn’t seem like it because Cash still has that inner teenager vibe and Piper (I seriously was on my way to get my Kindle to look up her name when I remembered it only because of Charmed. I don’t blame my forgetting on lack of a memorable character, but more of the fact that I had a very long day at work) just didn’t click with me.

Very quickly, the whole universe thing grated on my nerves and warranted several eye rolls from me. Yes, this is called fate.

But this is basically just coincidences. A happenstance that fate has lined up. I guess I was never the type of person to see recurring facts in certain situations and base my whole life on it.

Fate: A nail gets into my tire causing me to break down on my way to work. 
Coincidence: I run into several people with broken legs and that means I shouldn’t go jogging that day.

“That’s what it was. It was about our ancestors leaving us with something to deal with, whether we like it or not.” Really, now. You got all that out of another man’s story. I think not.

It was all very cute, but very cheesy. That sex scene. Seriously? The cowboy hat. Seriously. 

They say “yee-haw” 4 too many times for my liking. I’m from southwest Louisiana and even we don’t say that down here. Ever.

Once I figured out what was going on, the book slowed down from there. The ending was sweet and finding out who L was made me smile.

I loved Hudson. He is the sidekick that every good character needs.

Cash is tragically a hopeless romantic and Piper is just…well Piper. Not much to say about her.

It just wasn’t what I was expecting. It was extremely fluffy and cheesy and okay for a quick read, but other than that, it was wasn’t special to me.

Beautiful Addictions - Season Vining

I was sick (still am a bit) the entire time I read this book. I was in a constant state of a Nyquil induced haze and that could be why I found this book so aggravating. Why it grated on my nerves and I struggled to finish it. Maybe if I read it again in the future I would feel differently, but at the moment I feel indifferent.

So anyways, while I sit here with my cup of herbal tea and Doctor Who on TV, I will attempt to convey my feelings for Beautiful Addictions. And as I can tell, the addiction part of this book was Josie’s terrible way she dealt with her past. I am not an advocate of drug use. EVER. And it hurt me that she killed the pain with it. (It’s a fuckin waste of money, that’s what it is). But when she meets Tristan, he became her addiction, and she became his. IT was indeed beautiful. I guess. Anyways. On with it.

Every Tom, Dick, and Harry has a POV in this book. No lie.

There are so many different perspectives to keep track of. However, I guess if we really didn’t have everyone’s view of things; the ending wouldn’t play out as it did. Which was predictable, to say the least. To say a little more would be that this story has been done before and I’m becoming bored with this tale.

The narration could have been done a tad more generously. There is no warning as to when we will be in someone else’s head. A sentence would be started within Tristian’s thoughts, but it would end with Monica’s. It was very scattered and very confusing for me. 

The writing was nice. All the characters were very lyrical and poetic. I loved some of the things Tristan would say to Josie. It was a very emotional novel that kept me interested, until about halfway through. It became bulky and I lost interest easily, resulting in me skimming many pages.

I loved Alex! He was probably my favorite character, just outside of Monica. 

Monica and Rob’s relationship was a thing out of an ABC Family original movie.

Tristan had a bit of an anger problem and he liked to butt heads with any dude who looked an eye towards Josie. He drove an Impala, which I can’t deny, is sexy.

Josie broke my heart. Her story was a sad one.

The past and the future of Josie and Tristan settles in Louisiana. I love reading books with my home state in them. Beautiful Addictions did it justice.

One very small thing that aggravated me (and I’m sure it was just me being weird) was Josie’s continuous need to mark up everything. I have nothing against art or graffiti, but damn, don’t disrespect people’s personal property. There is this part in the book where she is at a café with Tristan and she wants to tag her name on the chair. Dude, chairs aren’t cheap!

Beautiful Addictions is a good book if you’re looking to check out for a while. The background with Tristan and Josie is worth it alone.

A love/hate relationship with this book.

Paper Hearts - S.R. Savell

I started out hating this book because of Michelle. I couldn’t fall in love with the story because she was there being a selfish, rude, immature, bitch.

And there is a story to love here. Paper Hearts deals with many issues that are tough to swallow. From bullying to rape, Michelle goes through some shit. And she deals with it all in the wrong way.

She puts this wall of bullshit up. A wall built on ignoring all authority figures. Mouthing off to people who are only trying to help her. She is the typical rebellious teenager, and it pissed me the hell off. (I honestly don’t think I was ever like that as a teenager. If I would have EVER mouthed off to my mom like that, I do believe she would have backhanded me or at least grounded me to my room. I don’t know. I guess we’re all raised differently). But Michelle and her mom are an entire different story that I will get to later.

Michele just does things for the hell of it. There is no filter from her brain to her mouth.

There is a particular scene where she is in a bathroom and a girl she does not know walks in. They acknowledge each other with a nod and that literally could have been the end of it. It’s not like the girl made any attempt to be rude. But Michelle says some smart ass off the wall comment and the girl asks the obvious question “why are you talking to me?”. Michelle comes back with another smartass comment and refers to this other girls make up as “whore paint” in her mind. Michelle, correct me if I’m wrong please, but is this not a form of bullying? Insulting people just for the hell of it? And on top of that, someone you don’t even know. 

Anyways, that was around the halfway mark and I did not see my hate for Michelle and her mindless behavior lessening.

She gets these really sweet people in her life and she is constantly bitching to one of them and being completely rude to the other.

Nathaniel. Oh, my goodness. He has to be one of the best characters I have read about in 2013. He is such a gentle soul. I love him so much. And his grandma is a sweet little old woman. I just wanted to hug her for days. They were the only 2 honest to god good characters in this book.

Michelle is only a “good” person when it comes to Nathaniel. She sees that he needs help and gives it to him without needing anything in return.

And some of that made me like her a little, but then she would get into it with her mom over the littlest things, and I’d go back to not understanding her actions.

She treated her mom like dirt. While her mom would ask simple questions, questions pertaining to her daughter’s safety, Michelle gave no fucks. I just could not understand Michelle’s reasons. And then towards the end of the book, a big thing is revealed and I get it. I understand Michelle’s outbursts. It put her heavy heart and soul into perspective and I felt so hard for her. This poor girl, only 16, has been through a lot. And thank God she gets Nathaniel. It’s the least she deserves. Although it does not justify all of her actions, it puts a lot of them in the light.

This turned out to be a really great book. Although there are a lot of inconsistencies and the writing is sometimes awkward, this is a decent debut from Miss Savell. I was engaged the whole way through and I look forward to more of her interesting stories!

Fall into Forever - Beth Hyland

I love dual POV books.

I love books about women looking toward new beginnings.

I love books with tough men that have a soft spot for only a few people. 

I love strong sidekicks and interesting prefaces.

And although Fall into Forever has all that good stuff, I didn’t fall in love with this book.

There are books that you can read in one sitting. Sometimes that’s a bad thing, other times it’s the best feeling in the world. To be so connected and interested in a story that it takes over your life as you sink into someone else’s. And that is how this reading experience started out, but about halfway through (somewhere between Ivy freaking the hell out about “this Gretchen chick” in Jon’s friend requests and that tent scene) it lost traction with me. (And I didn’t read it in one sitting, either. A few nights actually).

And I’m pretty sure the reason I did not fall in love with this book is solely Ivy’s fault. I just couldn’t connect with her. She is just trying to start over after a traumatic experience, and apparently all is better once her knight is shining armor shows up. (Which let’s face it, we all want, but he won’t solve all your problems).

Jon is that rugged, fucked up kinda sexy. With a soft heart and anger issues that conflict with one another. “He’s got black gauges in his earlobes the size of a medium-tipped Sharpie. A bruise is starting to form under his left eye.” (Every guy I’ve ever let buy me a drink anywhere. I have a type apparently). His story is interesting and made me teary-eyed a few times!

Also, I’ve read a few books dealing with amnesia, and this is the first where it just randomly blocks out a one particular moment. (I think that’s called selective memory, but whatevs). The amnesia didn’t really add anything to the story, just a background layer.

Little tid-bits I absolutely loved: Arctic Monkey’s mention, glimpses of Jon’s lyrics, Jon’s tattoo (!!omg!!), and the zombie run. 

There has to be nothing that cuts deeper than when someone who should protect and care for you denies something you’re having issues with. In this case, I mean Ivy’s bitch mom. I can’t even with her.

Fall into Forever is an overall cute story that I would love to see made into a movie! 

It wasn’t my favorite, but it could be yours. I'll definitely keep an eye out for this author in the future!

p.s. is that Zayn Malik on the cover?! Totally looks like him.

One of those books that I can't get out of my head.

The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender - Leslye Walton

You know when you catch a TV show you haven’t ever seen, but it's been playing for years? The kind when you just so happen to stop on a channel and it is intriguing and you like the hero’s face and funny one-liners so you Google it, and Google turns into Netflix and Netflix turns into buying everything on Amazon?

Then, you have 8 seasons to catch up on (Supernatural) or your friend only bought the first season and you have to watch the new ones on ABC (Once Upon A Time) or you watch both seasons on Netflix and have to wait two whole damn years for the next season (Sherlock). But you can’t watch it every second of every day like you wanted to because you have to work or see Catching Fire or attend family Thanksgiving‘s. 

And my personal battle—the Netflix plan being DVD only. Cause I live out where wifi is almost nonexistent. (Seriously, think The Last House on the Left without a sexy, uh I mean creepy, Aaron Paul and no lake. Just fields and forests and a Verizon mifi Jetpack that sometimes works because this is apparently a dominant AT&T zone).

THAT is what reading this book was like. I wanted to devout my life to it. But, with an 8 hour work day and the fact that I must have 8 hours of sleep or else I will be a raging bitch in heels, I was cut down to a half hour of reading or less in the 4 days I read the The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender.

It is absolutely strange and beautiful. Don’t take the title for granted.

We meet the title character, Ava, in the first paragraph, but it isn’t her story until about 50% into this book. I mean, in a way, it is her story. It’s an unusual buildup to her current life. She is narrating it, but it is truly a tale of atypical generations. 

It is probably not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. I, however; loved it. It was this perfectly strange mix of beautiful, lyrical prose and peculiar, original characters. Combining those two and you obviously have an interesting book. No doubt, I was hooked from the minute a baby was born with wings.

More than anything, this is a story about family. A beautifully woven, heartbreaking tale centered on a family who, in their own way, will always be the strongest love they find.

There isn’t a single thing in this book that was unnecessary. No character went unnoticed or underappreciated. Every little detail fell in sync with the ultimate ending.

And I absolutely loved it. Every single thing. I loved when it made it me giggle or smile at something clever. I loved when it made me cry. And believe me, I cried. Every tiny, perfect sentence that I soaked in and held until I was sure I would never forget it.

And that’s the best thing about The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender. You will never forget it.

I’ve thrown the world “perfect” around a couple of times. I guess that’s it. Perfect. This book is perfect.

Take me to Ireland.

Still Life with Strings - L.H. Cosway

Still Life with Strings is an artistic, sensual, heartwarming story of the strings of life pulling us together.

Every single page was its own beautiful world.

I think this is the first book I’ve read that has a street performing heroine. It was neat, and as I found out why she does it, it became lovely.

I can’t say that I hated anything, it fully held my attention while I was reading, and also while I wasn’t. I found myself creating my own little musical world on the way to work to the sounds of the Arctic Monkeys. The time between readings, just an intermission of my life revolving around this book.

The Sharpie scene! So intimate, really interesting.

Jade’s musically inclined imagination. “The boat containing all our souls moves with the music, calm waves crashing against its sturdy sides.” 

Dublin! Take me to Ireland right now.

Oh, and it was sexy as fuck.

Can someone FedEx me a Shane, please? Thanks.

Shane was such a broken hero. He made my heart ache, and I can’t say I didn’t grin like a fool every time he was genuinely happy.

Jade’s story was surprising, and I was so not prepared for what was revealed. I guess that about sums up this book. It is surprising, always.

“I’ve thought it a very appropriate description to compare the feeling to being “in lust” with a person to having butterflies in your stomach. But at the same time it irks me, because they always fail to mention how those butterflies have wings made of steel, cutting through your insides so that all you can feel is burning.” YES. OMG, FUCKING YES. No truer words.

The musical aspect is what drew me in. I love music, and to have L.H. Cosway express the exact feelings I have was a wonderful experience. The power it has to transport you to another world. Perfect.

I laughed and I cried. This book had everything I wanted, and I will certainly come back to Jade and Shane now and again.

Three Bird Summer - Sara St. Antoine

I had to step away from this book for a couple of days just because I felt like something terribly distressing was forthcoming, and I didn’t think I would be ready for it. 

I related heavily to this book. Who would’ve thought that a middle grade book about a 12 year old boy would give this 22 year old girl the feels? I certainly wasn’t prepared for the story I got.

We’re going through a similar situation in my family that Adam, his mother, and his grandmother are going through in Three Bird Summer.

My granny used to be this strong, happy person. Then about three years ago, my grandpa passed and it has been downhill from there. She is losing her memory. She is fragile and depressed. She doesn’t leave the house. But every once in a while, when all the grandkids go visit, I catch a glimpse of the woman that I knew when I was a child. The lady who would wake up at the crack of dawn and put on a pot of coffee. She’d sit on the swing outside and push herself with a slippered foot, while telling me stories of her childhood. She had a smile on her face all day long. When I think of summer, I think of going to my grandparent’s house in the woods.

So yea, I understand this. I’ve had the same conversations with my mother about my grandmothers “slipping”. We’ve given the side eye to each other when she repeats questions or forgets what she was doing. It is the second saddest thing I’ve had to deal with. To watch someone you love slowly lose their reality.

“She wrapped her knobby fingers around her mug and sipped her coffee slowly, like medicine…She wore silver glasses-always the same shape and style. They were dull now, but her eyes glinted behind them when she was in the right mood.” YALL. This is so my grandmother!! 

Adam is a great narrator and I loved being inside his thoughts. He is so confused about girls that it is adorable. I hope he knows at that age that girls are just as confused about boys.

Everything was so charmingly imagined. I felt like I was at the lake with him inside a canoe or walking through the woods alongside him and Alice. 

Alice. SUCH A GREAT CHARACTER!! Funny. Sweet. A true pre-teen girl.

Not even going to lie, I was super invested in their search for the hidden treasure.

Three Bird Summer is a beautiful book about growing up and accepting things as they are. The past and future collide in a spectacular blend of emotions. The writing and expanse of descriptions is worth the read alone.

This book made me miss being a child. It made me miss my grandfather so damn much, it kills me. But it also made me appreciate what I had, and currently have now. I cried. I cried big, fat tears starting a few chapters in until the end of the book. 

This is a story of family and finding lifelong friends in the precious moments of a boys childhood summer. I went in expecting something completely different, but came out with a story that I will certainly treasure for a long time.

Social Media Junkie

The Real Thing: Flirt New Adult Romance - Cassie Mae

I have a major book crush on Cassie Mae.
I’m pretty sure that I love everything she will ever write. And after this book, I now am on a mission to get all the other books she has written.

Her books are fun and cute and real, and they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. They make me WANT that sorta thing.

Oh boy, I could be Emilia. I am a social media junkie. I have a morning routine that involves the first 20 minutes before I even roll over and put my bra on or get a cup of coffee that is dedicated to everything that I missed while I was sleeping.

Texts. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. Email. (all 3 of them) Tumblr. Snapchat. Buzzfeed. Vine.

And I don’t just do this in the morning. During my 8 hour job I’m constantly checking my phone. And even using my desk computer to compulsively flip between Chrome tabs, quickly minimizing when I hear my boss getting close.

However, I still feel like I am not as bad as Mia is. I’m absolutely against messing around on your phone while driving. That means no texting, no Facebook, and not taking fucking pictures. Whatever it is, it can wait.

Mia is always with her nose in her phone. She is missing the world around her while losing herself in an online world. Missing her friend’s baby drama while patiently awaiting the next word from her dad, and missing her hot new roommate/best friend, Eric. (I try to no be involved with my phone when I’m around other people. Out of respect, but sometimes I cant help but show someone that hilarious thing I screen capped 4 weeks ago).

Eric and Emmy had a cute relationship. They meshed well together. 
(However, for people who have been best buds for 5 years, they sure don’t know much about each other. Constantly being surprised by little things the other does).

Eric’s ex is a crazy bitch. Wtf.

I didn’t really get the reasoning (other than to cause trouble) of the Scott situation and Mia2. I wish they would’ve elaborated more.

The Dr. Seuss thing was cute. Starting every chapter out with a Facebook status was a cute idea.

The Real Thing is just so cute! I had a smile on my face the entire time and grinned like a fool when it was over. CUTE! And so funny! Seriously, I laughed out loud so many times I’m sure my family thought I was crazy. (The entire “butt-crotch” incident, ya’ll)!!

I used cute a lot. But it’s all that and more.

You know how you create an account somewhere and then forget about it because Supernatural season 9 just started and your loyalties are 8 seasons in.

Yeah, sorry, BookLikes. I'm here now!

Between the Spark and the Burn - April Genevieve Tucholke

I like Between the Spark and the Burn a whole lot more than the first. In fact, I loved this one.

However, I absolutely hated Violet and Luke’s parents. I consider their “parenting” style selfish. Who in the hell leaves their kids alone for an entire summer? What kind of parent leaves their kids, and forfeits the paying of bills? Who leaves kids, doesn’t pay the bills, and lets their teenagers have sleepovers with the neighbor girl? (Seriously, Sunshine’s parents had more sense. And they named their kid Sunshine). It’s ridiculous.

And a lot of the book (both books) left me feeling like that. Like it’s so ridiculously incredible, because it’s obviously very unrealistic and strange and otherworldly, but I couldn’t stop reading. (That’s the best kind of fiction, ya’ll). The story hooked me and I had to know how it would all end for them. I cared way too much for their reckless lives to just give up.

It’s hard to believe that this takes place in this century. Does no one have a cellphone!? It’s all so fairytale-ish. Or more like a nightmare fairytale that I kinda wouldn’t mind running around in.

The ritualistic, eerie town of Inn’s End.

The secluded little island of Carollie.

And Gold Hollow, where all the shit happens!

I loved going on the road trip with them.

I loved all the new characters.

I loved Freddie’s journal.

I loved the way this book flows so naturally and pulls me right under with the Citizen Kane group.

Tucholke’s writing is so easy to get lost in. To fall under the spell and never want to leave that small town on the coast.

I never realized how much River irritated me until this book. He was so infuriating, but so very likable when he was under the influence of the Burn.

And how the first book left me on the fence about how I felt, this one did me in. I didn’t want it to stop.

A fantastically compelling, lyrical story that I won’t soon forget. I’m glad I took the chance to get lost in Between.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - J.K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré Finally finished this massive book!
Really wish I would've read these when I was younger.