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I needed to break out my high school playlist after reading this!

Rowdy - Jay Crownover

All you New Adult haters, this is the type of book that gives NA a bad rep.

I didn’t start this book intending to dislike it so much. I don’t do that with any books, it just happens sometimes. I was actually really excited to read it because I had heard so many good things about this series. Rowdy is the first Jay Crownover book I’ve ever read, which means it’s also the first I’ve read in the Marked Men series.

I can’t imagine that the other 4 books were any different.

Different guy. Different girl. Differentish circumstances. Differentish sexy times. Different drama. Different problems. Differentish pasts. Yet, it reads all the same.

Did I hit the nail on the head there for Rule, Jet, Nash, and Rome’s books? (And while I’m thinking about it, what in the actual fuck is up with the names in these books!?).

This book was predictable and cliché and just really boring most of the time.

Let me start with our heroine.
Brash. Give no fucks attitude. Can hold her own. Piercings. Pinup girl. Tattoos. Ex-stripper, which is a fact that she is hella proud of.

So basically, Salem is still that teenager that you see in Hot-Topic begging their mom to buy them the new emo-punk-screamo album (aka Me is high school), but she is also the girl who does things just to spite her parents and shit like that. It’s like she did things just to see the reaction from other people. She did things just so people would she how strong she was and that she indeed was a boss ass bitch.

I do have to say, that Salem’s parents are assholes. Her dad can go fuck himself. I see the reasoning as to why she left. However, if she cared as much as she said she did about her sister and Rowdy, she would not have left. Simple as that.

Now, the hero.
Brash. Whiny. Great artist. Tattoos. Piercings. Dramatic.

And that about sums Rowdy up. He was an idiot. He followed a girl he wasn’t dating, to a college he didn’t wanna go to, to play a sport he did not really like, just because he thought that maybe they were meant to be together.

Nope. Nope. Nope.

And Poppy's dumbass. Ugh. I hate what happened to her, but it could have been avoided.

Okay, and I was going to make a point about this next thing by typing this whole paragraph without punctuation, but once I did it, it looked weird and it bothered me too much and I couldn’t leave it like that. So, with that being said, there is a serious lack of commas in this book. GOOD LORD. It irritated me so much that I started skimming long paragraphs.

I wish I hadn’t found this book so laughable and ridiculous, cause I think I would’ve enjoyed the series otherwise.

The 2 stars are for Jimbo and Asa. And the relationship this little group had.