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Love the Greeks.

A Promised Fate - Cat Mann

I’m going to attempt to explain my feelings for this book in the following way: a list of thoughts.

Ari perspective FTW!
Where’s Rory?
Aweee, pregnant Ava! But chill out. Seriously.
Something’s up with Julia (which I sang to the tune of “something’s up with Jack” from The Nightmare Before Christmas, btw).
Spaghetti Sandwich, yall!
Ari and Ava are disgustingly cute together.
Holy guacamole, Ari. You sexy beast!
This Cameron Gallo fella sure is being mentioned a lot.
Why all the Aggie hate!? I love you, Aggie!
Sweet, sweet Max.
Enough with the secrets, people!
La lune, c’est the moon. IM LEARNING FRENCH!
I need more Rory!
Ari’s 2 secretaries have strange names. I’m suspicious.
Good God Almighty, the drama!!
Baby time!!!

Every single one of these books has been a thrill ride. Mrs. Mann never fails to knock me on my ass with something unexpected. And it is always at the end of the book and I spend the last 10 percent of my kindle pages expecting something to happen. Because I know it will.

However, I found myself catching on more quickly this go around. But it was still surprising in a few ways. Ways that made me angry!

I love how this series has completely made me fall more in love with Greek mythology. My interests take me beyond the pages of these books.

Bring on the next one.

Sidenote: I was gifted season 1 and 2 of Teen Wolf by my brother for Christmas and I was dividing up my time watching that and reading this. Each cast member of that show could be someone in these books. Seriously. For some reason, I picture Stiles as Ari.