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Cassie Mae writes about my inner wants!

Doing It for Love - Cassie Mae

Do you want to laugh?
Do you want to cry?
Do you want your cynical side to gag at the lovey dovey parts?
And then swoon a minute later?
Do you want relatable?
Do you want real?

Doing it for Love is all of that.

I love Cassie Mae’s books. They’re equal parts hilarious and sweet.

Liz and Landon. I don’t know how to describe these two except the following way:

Right after I finished this book, I went for a run (because that’s what hopelessly single people do after reading such a love story). It was swelteringly hot when I started and then suddenly the sky darkened and the wind picked up and the rain began to fall. This happened within minutes.

And that’s how these two are. One minute they’re happy go lucky, and then the next they’re sleeping in separate rooms and avoiding each other. This is how the whole book went and I quickly grew tired of it. But thankfully, Landon learned not to run from his problems and Liz eased up on the complaining (Relationshipping FTW!).

I related strongly to Liz so much so that I felt like Cassie has been secretly watching my life! (Right down to me currently finishing off a bag of delicious Lindor Dark Chocolate Truffles. To go along with that run I previously mentioned, of course!) 

I loved Landon! He was adorable and everything I hope for in my future, nerdy husband. Just freaking adorable.

Every book I read by Cassie is so easy to get lost in. It’s a treat to read them and I instantly became a fan. And if you can get me to laugh, me loving your books is a give in. (The Spanx scene. OMG! Almost trumped the waxing scene from The Real Thing. Although nothing will trump the drool/waking up scene from Switched(or anything else from Switched. That book is perfection.)).

Doing it for Love is a sweet, sexy, genius of a book. This book is totally strawberries and whipped cream.