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Untwine - Edwidge Danticat

You know how you see the synopsis for a book and instantly know you have to read it? Even if it is sure to break your heart?

Double yes.

Add this one to your list of heartbreakers, because it is spectacular.

Untwine got to me. It poured right into my soul as I devoured this book into my heart. 

I knew what I was getting into. Anyone will the minute they read the back cover of Untwine. It’s sure to go only one way, and yet you’re still not ready for it once it finally happens.

I loved this book.

I loved every single character and the real feeling I got from them.

I loved the Haitian culture. The language. The grandparents.

I loved the art and the music and the simple innocence of it all.

I loved the moments that made me cry (almost all of them) and the ones that made my heart full of joy.

I loved the strong family aspect.

The beautiful, lyrical writing Mrs. Danticat provides is a gift to this world. God, I never wanted to stop reading this book even though it was such an emotional roller coaster.

Phenomenal from start to finish. Untwine is the moving, tragic novel of the year that you will not want to miss. And the one you won’t ever forget.