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Unraveling the mold of fairytales!

Ash & Bramble - Sarah Prineas

I have seen Ever-After and loved it.
I have seen the new Cinderella with Robb Stark and Bellatrix and loved it.
That one with Hillary Duff and Chad Michael Murray? Love it.
However, I honestly don't know if I've seen the entirety of the animated movie, because I hate it. I don't know why.

So I'm always skeptical to read retellings because most of the time they're just like the animated movie.

But this. This is something completely different.
This is darker. This is Once Upon a Time and Into the Woods.
This flips everything you were taught about the story of Cinderella onto its side.
And I loved it.

If you're looking for a sweet fairytale. Turn away from this book. You wont find it here.

You will find magic and fate.
You'll find a strong willed woman.
A man who doesn't take away from that.
You'll find family; blood and non.
You'll find glimpses of other fairytales that you love, and they're just as twisted and dark.
You'll find yourself surprised at who the good and bad guys are.
Blood and gore and ball gowns.

The writing in Ash & Bramble is beautiful. It's elegant and enchanting.

Not a character goes unnoticed or unappreciated.

I really enjoyed this book once I took the time to sit down and devote myself to it.

Breaking the seams between magic and reality, Ash & Bramble is an action packed, romantic show stopper of a novel.