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Between the Spark and the Burn - April Genevieve Tucholke

I like Between the Spark and the Burn a whole lot more than the first. In fact, I loved this one.

However, I absolutely hated Violet and Luke’s parents. I consider their “parenting” style selfish. Who in the hell leaves their kids alone for an entire summer? What kind of parent leaves their kids, and forfeits the paying of bills? Who leaves kids, doesn’t pay the bills, and lets their teenagers have sleepovers with the neighbor girl? (Seriously, Sunshine’s parents had more sense. And they named their kid Sunshine). It’s ridiculous.

And a lot of the book (both books) left me feeling like that. Like it’s so ridiculously incredible, because it’s obviously very unrealistic and strange and otherworldly, but I couldn’t stop reading. (That’s the best kind of fiction, ya’ll). The story hooked me and I had to know how it would all end for them. I cared way too much for their reckless lives to just give up.

It’s hard to believe that this takes place in this century. Does no one have a cellphone!? It’s all so fairytale-ish. Or more like a nightmare fairytale that I kinda wouldn’t mind running around in.

The ritualistic, eerie town of Inn’s End.

The secluded little island of Carollie.

And Gold Hollow, where all the shit happens!

I loved going on the road trip with them.

I loved all the new characters.

I loved Freddie’s journal.

I loved the way this book flows so naturally and pulls me right under with the Citizen Kane group.

Tucholke’s writing is so easy to get lost in. To fall under the spell and never want to leave that small town on the coast.

I never realized how much River irritated me until this book. He was so infuriating, but so very likable when he was under the influence of the Burn.

And how the first book left me on the fence about how I felt, this one did me in. I didn’t want it to stop.

A fantastically compelling, lyrical story that I won’t soon forget. I’m glad I took the chance to get lost in Between.