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At Any Price - Brenna Aubrey

The definition of prostitution is the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment.

And no matter how many times Mia attempts to justify her deal with Adam, it is exactly that. Selling your body, or parts of your body, for money.

This was a weird fucking book. Like an interesting weird. I’ve NEVER read anything remotely close to it. That's for damn sure.

I originally chose to read it because of the gaming aspect. I love that Mia is an online gamer (although I’m accustomed to more of a console type gaming) and she is working towards being a doctor. Her life is normal and great and I wasn’t prepared for what would happen. (Yeah, I read the synopsis but I didn’t realize it would be done so bluntly).

So many books that I’ve been reading lately have a heroine with a terrible sexual assault history that ruins their chances with future men. I saw it coming in this one and didn’t know how it would affect her relationship with Adam. (Not that much, actually. She’s had years to recover and apparently talking about it to a shrink solves all problems. Kinda pissed me off).

Mia was actually a very strong character. She’s had a rough hand of life dealt to her and she keeps on going. (I, on the other hand, go into an emotional loss every time I watch an episode of Supernatural). She perseveres and looks forward to her future. As much as it saddened me to read what had happened to her, I saw that her future was much brighter and I felt better about finishing this book.

And then Adam shows up, winning bidder of her strange ass auction, and her whole life erupts into something more.

Better? Maybe.
Confusing? Totally.
Sexy? Oh, yes, Mr. Drake. So much of that.

Adam Drake is an interesting character. The gaming nerd of our dreams all grown up. Suit and tie wearing business tycoon. Adam is sweet and I loved getting to know his family! That may have been my favorite part of this entire book. He grows throughout the book and becomes better for it.

At Any Price is written very well and the author handled the situation as best as she could, considering the circumstances. I don’t know how she thought this up, but Lifetime needs to put this in pre-production immediately.

Because as strange and awkward as this book is, it’s an enjoyable read. I loved all of the characters. There was humor where need be. My eyes got all teary a time or two. It was just a cute, weird, sexy book.

I’m rambling, I know. It’s cold and I’m waiting for the Doctor Who special to start and my feelings for this book are strong.