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Take me to Ireland.

Still Life with Strings - L.H. Cosway

Still Life with Strings is an artistic, sensual, heartwarming story of the strings of life pulling us together.

Every single page was its own beautiful world.

I think this is the first book I’ve read that has a street performing heroine. It was neat, and as I found out why she does it, it became lovely.

I can’t say that I hated anything, it fully held my attention while I was reading, and also while I wasn’t. I found myself creating my own little musical world on the way to work to the sounds of the Arctic Monkeys. The time between readings, just an intermission of my life revolving around this book.

The Sharpie scene! So intimate, really interesting.

Jade’s musically inclined imagination. “The boat containing all our souls moves with the music, calm waves crashing against its sturdy sides.” 

Dublin! Take me to Ireland right now.

Oh, and it was sexy as fuck.

Can someone FedEx me a Shane, please? Thanks.

Shane was such a broken hero. He made my heart ache, and I can’t say I didn’t grin like a fool every time he was genuinely happy.

Jade’s story was surprising, and I was so not prepared for what was revealed. I guess that about sums up this book. It is surprising, always.

“I’ve thought it a very appropriate description to compare the feeling to being “in lust” with a person to having butterflies in your stomach. But at the same time it irks me, because they always fail to mention how those butterflies have wings made of steel, cutting through your insides so that all you can feel is burning.” YES. OMG, FUCKING YES. No truer words.

The musical aspect is what drew me in. I love music, and to have L.H. Cosway express the exact feelings I have was a wonderful experience. The power it has to transport you to another world. Perfect.

I laughed and I cried. This book had everything I wanted, and I will certainly come back to Jade and Shane now and again.