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Beautiful Addictions - Season Vining

I was sick (still am a bit) the entire time I read this book. I was in a constant state of a Nyquil induced haze and that could be why I found this book so aggravating. Why it grated on my nerves and I struggled to finish it. Maybe if I read it again in the future I would feel differently, but at the moment I feel indifferent.

So anyways, while I sit here with my cup of herbal tea and Doctor Who on TV, I will attempt to convey my feelings for Beautiful Addictions. And as I can tell, the addiction part of this book was Josie’s terrible way she dealt with her past. I am not an advocate of drug use. EVER. And it hurt me that she killed the pain with it. (It’s a fuckin waste of money, that’s what it is). But when she meets Tristan, he became her addiction, and she became his. IT was indeed beautiful. I guess. Anyways. On with it.

Every Tom, Dick, and Harry has a POV in this book. No lie.

There are so many different perspectives to keep track of. However, I guess if we really didn’t have everyone’s view of things; the ending wouldn’t play out as it did. Which was predictable, to say the least. To say a little more would be that this story has been done before and I’m becoming bored with this tale.

The narration could have been done a tad more generously. There is no warning as to when we will be in someone else’s head. A sentence would be started within Tristian’s thoughts, but it would end with Monica’s. It was very scattered and very confusing for me. 

The writing was nice. All the characters were very lyrical and poetic. I loved some of the things Tristan would say to Josie. It was a very emotional novel that kept me interested, until about halfway through. It became bulky and I lost interest easily, resulting in me skimming many pages.

I loved Alex! He was probably my favorite character, just outside of Monica. 

Monica and Rob’s relationship was a thing out of an ABC Family original movie.

Tristan had a bit of an anger problem and he liked to butt heads with any dude who looked an eye towards Josie. He drove an Impala, which I can’t deny, is sexy.

Josie broke my heart. Her story was a sad one.

The past and the future of Josie and Tristan settles in Louisiana. I love reading books with my home state in them. Beautiful Addictions did it justice.

One very small thing that aggravated me (and I’m sure it was just me being weird) was Josie’s continuous need to mark up everything. I have nothing against art or graffiti, but damn, don’t disrespect people’s personal property. There is this part in the book where she is at a café with Tristan and she wants to tag her name on the chair. Dude, chairs aren’t cheap!

Beautiful Addictions is a good book if you’re looking to check out for a while. The background with Tristan and Josie is worth it alone.