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Southbound Surrender - Raen Smith

I started out loving this.

Cash’s voice was one I could read in for days. It was a bit John Green esque, and I couldn’t put it down. He was your typical teenage boy, but he was witty and adorable with a “Luella Intuition” that intrigued me. God, he was awesome.

So things happened and promises were made and kisses were stolen and I was eager to find out what the heck was going on.

And then 5 years pass without Cash and Piper seeing each other.

But it doesn’t seem like it because Cash still has that inner teenager vibe and Piper (I seriously was on my way to get my Kindle to look up her name when I remembered it only because of Charmed. I don’t blame my forgetting on lack of a memorable character, but more of the fact that I had a very long day at work) just didn’t click with me.

Very quickly, the whole universe thing grated on my nerves and warranted several eye rolls from me. Yes, this is called fate.

But this is basically just coincidences. A happenstance that fate has lined up. I guess I was never the type of person to see recurring facts in certain situations and base my whole life on it.

Fate: A nail gets into my tire causing me to break down on my way to work. 
Coincidence: I run into several people with broken legs and that means I shouldn’t go jogging that day.

“That’s what it was. It was about our ancestors leaving us with something to deal with, whether we like it or not.” Really, now. You got all that out of another man’s story. I think not.

It was all very cute, but very cheesy. That sex scene. Seriously? The cowboy hat. Seriously. 

They say “yee-haw” 4 too many times for my liking. I’m from southwest Louisiana and even we don’t say that down here. Ever.

Once I figured out what was going on, the book slowed down from there. The ending was sweet and finding out who L was made me smile.

I loved Hudson. He is the sidekick that every good character needs.

Cash is tragically a hopeless romantic and Piper is just…well Piper. Not much to say about her.

It just wasn’t what I was expecting. It was extremely fluffy and cheesy and okay for a quick read, but other than that, it was wasn’t special to me.