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No One's Hero

No One's Hero - Kelly  Walker This is the second Kelly Walker book I’ve read and she writes such interesting male characters! Good lord, I wish she could personally create me one and then make him real and then I’d marry the fuck out of him.

But not only does she write great dudes, she writes pretty great women. They’re not always considered the strongest women, but they strive for something better. I shouldn’t compare Angel to Lexi because they’re 2 very different people. While Angel was more of a guarded soul, Lexi is less guarded, and I feel that this makes her somewhat naïve.

I didn’t know Chadwell Farms was getting its own series but I’m so glad I got to delve into Lexi’s life. She was interesting enough in the first one that I was kind of hoping they’d get to know her a little better. She needed her own story.

Lexi is a college kid wanting to start over somewhere away from her less than happy home life where her family mourns the loss of a twin sister she never knew. Looking for the experiences that most college kids dream of (although I’ve never wanted to live in a dorm-ever. I’m glad my parents let me stay with them while I was in college) and making an equestrian name for herself. (NO clue that these type of schools existed. I know jack shit about horses so a lot of that flew right over my head).

Luckily, she gets a real sexy man to help her along with such quests.

“Kevin laughs a deep, throaty laugh. “Dude, you sound like you just woke up beneath a four-hundred-pound hooker.””

That’s a quote from No One’s Angel (if you haven’t read it, DO). I feel like I can start here because that was really the introduction of Kevin. Our mysterious, elusive, steel caged-heart Kevin. Our ex-Marine who now makes his living by attempting to make up for his past. With tattoos and government connections, he’s a sweet dream. (Arion is still my favorite, though. No doubt).

Inner thoughts brought to you by Kevin:
“Happy people seriously suck”
“His voice takes on a throaty edge and I know he’s feeling blessed or some shit.”

(I have come to the conclusion that I am the girl version of Kevin.)

Between high speed chase action and body guarding and sexual tension and secrets, there’s not much I hated. The reveal towards the end really knocked me on my ass and I was kind of stunned and confused for a while. (I cried like a baby, also).

Now that I know there are more books to come, I hope some of the other girls get their own story weaved together with one of the men from either of these books. I adore these swift, sweet romantic stories.