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Fragile Line

Fragile Line - Brooklyn Skye I hate to say that a book “surprises” me, because that makes it seem like I went in thinking this book would be shit. I try to start a book with no prior grievances. No spoilers. Reading no reviews. A fresh slate for me to make up my own mind.

So I guess when I say it surprised me, I mean that I didn’t expect to completely be swept up in their world. To research (and goddammit, did I do some googling), this disorder. The first book in a while to give me the wondering eye to the next page or a few paragraphs. I didn’t want it to end, but I HAD to know how it all ended. I was greedy for Fragile Line.

I loved it. Originality is something few and far between, and I sincerely appreciated it. The writing is fine and honest. The characters are interesting as hell.

Ellie’s past broke my heart. Gwen broke my heart, although she pissed me off a few times. Shane is a sweetheart. Griffin is hottie.

Yes, it is filled with high school drama. Yes, these kids should’ve just talked to their parents instead of dealing with this on their own.

But all that is background to the very interesting, very compelling story.

I really can’t say much about Fragile Line without giving too much away. It’s a neck breaker. A jaw dropping discovery in one girls life (or is it 2 girls?).

It’s worth the read.