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Infatuated with a demon.

Ruined - Jus Accardo

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time I’ve been infatuated with a demon. There seriously has to be some sort of internal moral compass that is being disturbed. I blame Supernatural. “I fucking love Lucifer”, are words that have actually spilled forth from my mouth any time Mark Pellegrino is on screen. And that one time that my mom asked me what was up with Crowley and I told her he is my favorite demon of all time and she looked at me strange for a week or so.

That’s how I feel about Jax. Like, he’s obviously a tad evil (he’s got a demon floating around inside him for god sakes), but I couldn’t help but like it. So, with all that said, I have a total book boy crush on the son of Cain.

The premise of Ruined is very interesting. I was intrigued the second I read the tidbit about the descendants of Cain. I’m very familiar with the story of Cain and Abel, and I was excited to see how this would all play out.

I fell in love immediately. Ruined grabbed my attention like Pinterest grabs my attention when I have a stack of reports on my desk at work. Once I started I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want Sam and Jax’s story to end.

I had no problem wrapping up their backstory with the present. They obviously have some built up tension in there and I loved their banter.

Sam and Jax reminded me of Perry and Dex from Karina Halle’s Experiment in Terror series. And those books are my shit. So when I started comparing the two not even half way through Ruined, I was okay with where thing were going. They both have that relatable story that is easy to get involved in. (Minus the demons and supernatural shit in both series).

Jax is sexy as all hell (pun intended). He is sarcastic. He is a smart-ass. He is adorable. And he is sharing his body with a demon named Azirak. Whom I also grew to love, because basically they’re the same person.

Sam, possibly one of the strongest female characters I’ve ever read about, has some serious balls. Not once did I feel like anything she did was strictly for the love of a boy. She saw the greater picture. She’s cool.

Chase is this evil, manipulative villain that I really liked to begin with. Maybe I still like him. Don’t ask me. I don’t know. I believe the Flynn brothers really do love each other. They’re the only family either has.

Heckle!!! (I couldn’t help but thinking of Hoggle from Labyrinth the entire time). He was a pleasant surprise!

Sexy twin brothers.
A family curse with a twist.

Did I cover everything?

Ruined is awesome! Don’t miss it.