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Becoming - Samantha Summers It seems that there are two types of romance-y books.

The first type is the kind where romance is front and center, and overthrows every other element of the book. The kind where random sex happens at the absolute wrong moments and puts whatever important thing just happened in the dust.

The second is where the romance aspect slowly builds around the main point of the plot. Amongst the action and thrills, there is this gentle romantic tension that makes you giggle and grin. An equal blend of action or fantasy and romance.

I can happily say that this book (this entire series actually) falls into my favorite of the two: neither. It is a beautiful compilation of the two, but mostly a remix of the second type. The romance is there, but it is not all the plot revolves around. There are no unnecessary love scenes that would add nothing to the story. Everything happens for a perfect reason, and that is my favorite type of romance.

Becoming may just be my favorite in the Project Five Fifteen series. (I think I’ve said that for the other two books, but they just kept getting better).

The ending of As You Were left me shaking. (The betrayal!)! I was desperate for a next book, even though I knew this one would be the end.

There has never been a single moment in this series that I’ve been able to predict what would happen. That right there started my love for Project Five Fifteen. The awesome, kickass characters sealed the deal.

Ronnie is by far one of the strongest female characters that have ever been put to pen and paper. She loves Kalen with a fever, but Kalen loves her just as much. And they use that to their advantage. They use it to protect one another. To save one another.

And although Kalen is absolutely perfect, Ace takes the cake for me.

He is adorable. Sweet and genuine. He loves Ronnie just as much as Kalen does, but he protects her as if they are family.

And maybe that is what makes this series the best.

The strong connection of these boys. The will they have to survive. The lengths they will go to have each other’s back. The bond between Ronnie and her sister, Rachel. The loss of their father. Getting past their anger towards one another and becoming a unit again.

And blended delicately with all this romance and bonding are fight scenes that rival the latest Thor movie. Intense and extremely real! Edge of your seat action.

Oh, my god. I loved getting inside the guys heads and seeing what they feel. A play by play of every situation. That was a delightful surprise.

I’ve been with this series from the beginning and I’m so grateful that I got to experience all three books. Although the journey has ended, and I hate to see it go, the peace for the boys at the end of the book was totally worth it.

I want to thank Ms. Samantha Summers for the opportunity to be with the boys from the beginning. I just wanna pour some vodka out for the ones we lost along the way!