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Switched - Cassie Mae I picked this book out for 2 reasons.

Reason 1: It was free on Netgalley and I figured why the hell not.

Reason 2: The synopsis is something that I had actually never read about before. Probably, and I realized this around about chapter 2, because it is an absolutely terrible thing to do to a friend. Real friends do not act like that. If they pine after their best friend’s boyfriend, they do not act on it. They do not try to get said boyfriend alone and trick him into loving you instead. Real friends are happy for their best friend’s relationships. I don’t care who saw who first, you cut that shit out.

And I was prepared to hate it just because of the friendship between Kayla and Raegan and the constant swooning over Talon. BUT I related way too much to Kayla that I couldn’t find it in my heart to hate her even a little bit. I wanted her to see her ways and get better and just kiss Wesley already because I knew that’s who she wanted anyways.

The plan Kayla and Wesley hatch is ridiculous. It’s not something people actually do, and that’s why I wanted to read it. It pissed me off much of the time. They were both selfish. Plain and simple. However, a few times throughout this book, they do realize how shitty they are being. Does that stop them though? Nope. They plan through until they indeed do break up their best friends relationships.

This book is prime example that there is no such thing as “just friends” between men and women. There are always feelings somewhere beneath the surface. They may never come up for air, but they are definitely alive.

Kayla’s obsession with Talon borderlines insanity. Swear to god, every two paragraphs she was talking about how sexy Talon was in his football jersey. How hot Talon was with his black hair. How good he looked while making out with his girlfriend. And the way he was described, I just didn’t see it. He was kind of boring actually and I preferred, of course, funny musician Wesley.

Wesley was hilarious! I have NEVER literally laughed out loud while reading, and then think about it at a later time and smile like a weirdo. He was sweet and says the sexiest, cutest things! What more could a girl ask for?

The banter between Kayla and Wesley was the best damn thing about Switched. They were absolutely adorable and it’s the kind of relationship every girl wants. You will just have to read this book to see all the clever things they come up with. It’s highly entertaining.

The ending was perfect. I love how it wrapped up. I loved the surprise from Reagan and Talon. I. Loved. It. All.

If you’re looking for something light and fresh to get lost in on a rainy weekend, Switched is where it’s at.