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Only You

Only You - Trinity Faegen, Stephanie Feagan Maybe I should have read the other 2 before I read this one. I felt like I was missing some of the background with Sasha and Jax, and I was out of the circle. I was told it is not necessary to read them in order, but I feel like I am breaking a rule!

But reading them in order probably wouldn’t have changed the way I feel about The Mephisto Mark.

About half way through this, I say half way but it was probably only 10% because it took me forever to get through this book, the name and the cover was changed. Personally, I like the original better on both counts. It was changed from The Mephisto Mark to Only You and I don’t like that very much.

This was a long book for me. It finally picked up somewhere around 40%, but I still felt like it never ended. The story is tedious, but the characters are worth sticking around for.

The mythology in this book is very confusing and very abundant. There are about a dozen things I had to mentally track just to not get left behind. (I have a note on my Kindle that just says “who the hell” and I don’t even know what the fuck I was relating too). So, let me get the following straight:

The only way an Anabo can become a Mephisto is to have sex with one of the brothers (and then something about “Lumina”). How convenient for 6 sexy brothers, eh? And it really is just a selfish act for them. Sex with an Anabo means eternity in Heaven (or something). Because the brothers are the Sexy Sons of Hell, and they don’t necessarily wanna be Hell’s bitches.

It was interesting, once I sort of understood most everything.

There were many times when I found myself smiling at something someone said. They are all very clever and witty. I loved the banter between the brothers. I loved Sasha. I loved Zee most of all! (When he watched UP with Mariah, I was totally swooning).

It’s not the characters that I dislike, I guess it is just the story that drug on and tested my patience.

Mariah’s story broke my heart. The poor girl has been through so much, and all she does it give to others. She is a sweet soul and I just wanted her to be at peace and happy.

In the beginning, Mariah was a strong willed girl who stood up for herself. In the end, she was becoming dependent on Phoenix and would get pissed off and break entire rooms when he “forgot she existed”. Good Lord, honey. Get a grip. I know you’ve been through some shit, but please.

I was about done with Phoneix when he mentioned Jane for the 100th fucking time in the first couple of chapters (Kindle note is just me “Jane omg”). But then his story was explained and I felt bad for the guy. But, that doesn’t get around the fact that he is still ultimately selfish. He is adorable, sexy, and sweet, but selfish. “Selfish always, except when it was convenient not to be.”

I liked the brother’s father, M. He was an interesting character. As was Lucifer. And Lucifer told it like it was. I respect that shit.

Eryx was a creep, but a damn good villain. I wouldn’t mind reading the previous books just to see what other shenanigans he has put the boys through.

The story had just enough action to keep me on my toes. One scene reminded me of playing Black Ops. The romance is sweet and slow, but the tension is immense.

It seems like Zee’s story is next and I completely fell for him. I will definitely have to pick that one up. Just wished I would have liked this one a bit more.