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Forgiving Lies

Forgiving Lies  - Molly McAdams I guess I can’t say that I hated this book. If it were a Lifetime movie (and it definitely has the premise for one), I’d be all over it. Girl with a messed up past saved by the sexy undercover cop next door? Does Mrs. McAdams write for Lifetime? The woman should.

So, if you’re looking for a weekend read that includes a somewhat strong heroine, a disturbing rape scene brought to you by the creepy ass Blake, a man named Kash who lets his feelings get the best of him, and a bitch best friend, you’ve made it. Welcome to Forgiving Lies.

Forgiving Lies is easy to get lost in, but has a very heavy tone. And once I got around page 61, I soon realized I had gotten more than I bargained for.

Rachel is a nice girl with a pretty good life. However, she lets everyone else lead it for her.

She followed her best friend Candice to college in Austin, even though it is not where she wanted to be. Rachel lets Candice push her to going on a date with her cousin Blake. She forced her into his arms, and refused to believe Rachel when she said he was a fucking creep. This was the first time I made a note of Candice being a terrible friend. Actual friends believe you when you say you were just assaulted. Candice got pissed off at her for even having the audacity to accuse her cousin. Bitch. Absolute bitch.

So after that whole situation, I was wary to read on. If that’s how the first few chapters were, I was positive that Candice’s attitude and Rachel’s passive nature would bug me.

Enter Kash, undercover cop. Tattooed “bad boy”. Emotional not so man of steel. He takes to Rachel instantly and gives Candice to his friend, Mason.

Mason is the only character in this book with any kind of common sense. I swear to God, he is the only voice of reason here.

But anyways, Kash doesn’t tell Rachel about his undercover life and Rachel will soon get pissed at this as if she doesn’t consider that he is just trying to protect her and himself!

At one point, he is trying to coax Rachel into talking about the night she was assaulted and he gets it all wrong. Honey, forcing it from her is almost as bad as the rape. This is only one of the times he lets his emotions take the wheel. (See? Total Lifetime movie right here).

Now, let’s talk about being “skanked out”. What the actual fuck is it? Is it what Candice is 100% of the time? Cause that would include sleeping with every guy you meet, locking your best friend out of your house to do so and not giving two shits?

Or is it Me about 50% of the time? Driving to the supermarket in sweats, with my hair tied up and no makeup on, not giving a fuck who I see? I believe it is this one and every time it was mentioned, it threw me. I couldn’t get around this phrase.

And despite all of that, I am almost positive that I will read the next one. Why? Because it has the goddamned ending from hell and I must know what happens.