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The Waking Dreamer

The Waking Dreamer  - J.E. Alexander So here’s the deal
I am game for any type of fantasy world.


And whatever the fuck is going on in this book. (Which is kinda a mix of all 4).

To my understanding, it is of the magical sort. The Druids and the Bards. (I had the craving to play Skyrim the whole time)! And although I loved all of that, there was just so much to this story, that I got weighed down trying to sort it all out.

So much happens in such a short time, and it is certainly action packed. The pacing is extremely fast.

The writing is gorgeous. Alexander is a brilliant molder of words and an excellent creator of worlds.
Vividly written scenes of gore. Dynamic fight scenes that give Quentin Tarantino a run for his money. And again, even though that is awesome, it’s almost too over detailed and over the top.

“Directly above the mountain’s pinnacle, a swirling mass of turbulent clouds as black as an oil slick spiraled inward toward a central point. It was as if a great titan in the heavens were drawing the whole of the sky of it.” (This entire description reminded me of Death Mountain from The Legend of Zelda- Orcarina of Time. :D) And that entire description is how even the smallest things are described in this book.

I connected with The Waking Dreamer in my obsession with pop culture and movies. And for some people, I see how you could become confused with Emmett’s constant movie babble if you don’t know much about it.

Ahem, if I may elaborate:

Guillermo del Toro (whom I adore).
Pan’s Labyrinth (I have many pieces of artwork from this movie all over my room, many thanks to the man above^).
Spirited Away (Hayao Miyazaki is a genius.)
Donnie Darko (freaky shit I’m all over).
The Avengers (Loki/Tom Hiddleston. Not sure I need to say much else about this).

And that’s just in the first couple of chapters. I’m seriously nerdy for this book and for Emmett. I totally have a crush on him. And Kieran. Yeah. He can write some impressive men. These are characters who defend not just themselves, but each other.

“Always impressing the ladies, Emmett. Tell her about your favorite movies. Girls love when you do that.” Yes, Emmett. I actually do love it when guys geek out over their favorite things. I’m all about that. (And I absolutely related him to Ezra Miller. That dramatic, weird personality. Love it.)

And even though the guys are great, the women are even better. Amala is this kickass, serpent wielding magic lady. She is awesome. Although, her story was kind of glossed over.

This is a long book, but well worth the read. If you’re into beautiful writing and constant action, this is where it’s at.