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Unspoken - Jen Frederick Today is my birthday and I’m attempting to write this review in the midst of birthday cake and responding to Facebook wall posts. I’m a dedicated reviewer, ya’ll. (I’m seriously tempted to just watch the new Supernatural season I got on DVD, but I’m resisting. Barely, but I am).

Anyways, I guess that’s kind of similar to how I felt while reading this book. Distracted.
While it was good, there was always something else I could have been doing. (Supernatural won out all 7 days this week while I tried to read this book).

It didn’t hold my attention. But there are a few things that stuck out to me.

AM is a damn strong character. While she has been hiding out, avoiding the whispers and stares of her fellow classmates, she didn’t stop living her life.
Eventually she stands up for herself and although it was rather ridiculous the way it happened, I felt like fist pumping the air and saluting her.

Somewhere in this book someone says something like “if it moans like a whore and grinds like a whore, it’s a whore”. That made me giggle.

Bo. Oh, lordy Bo.
He has some anger issues and I don’t find his sexy. The minute he confessed to wanting to punch a woman pretty much ruined his appeal for me. He takes his aggression out in a manly fashion and he should just stick to underground fighting.
But, I love a Marine and some of the things he says to AM are really, really sickeningly sweet and had me swooning like a schoolgirl.

Towards the end he works his shit out, though. So there's that.

I have not read the first Woodlands novel so I’m not sure if that matters. I don’t think it does, but I’m assuming every time they referenced Noah and Grace it was from the first book and I was out of the loop.