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No One's Angel

No One's Angel - Kelly  Walker I’m not really into computer games.

I’m much more in tune with the PlayStation and Nintendo and Xbox consoles. Something with a separate controller that I can stretch out across my bed or the floor with and control my character through worlds I can only wish was real. I can’t stand to play a game on a keyboard. It is tedious and I haven’t the patience for it. And when I’m fighting with the Companions, trying not to become a fucking vampire for the thousandth time, I don’t wanna hit “esc” or “F1” and wipe out all my progress. (And maybe that’s not how it works. I’ve only played Fate on a desktop, and I became frustrated too quickly and ended it. Maybe they have controllers now. I don’t know).

But nevertheless, I understand how online roleplaying games work. You form a group, a guild, and get shit done.

So when Tess, aka Angel, mentioned she played an online game, I was fully committed to reading this. (Actually, I first thought of that recent episode of Catfish where that girl meets that dude she played that online game with and he was a complete prick just trying to brush up on his game and I thought Nev was gunna knock the shit out of him).

But anyways, video games are a fairly important part of my life, and I don’t read many books that have an element of them somewhere in it. So No One’s Angel was a sudden interest and complete surprise.

Angel is a very broken girl running from some heavy stuff. Why wouldn’t you run straight into the arms of your sexy as hell online guild member? (Unless he turns out like that Catfish guy, that’s why).

But he doesn’t and he is sexy and almost as damaged as she is.

I like a guy who can manage a business and be completely professional, but also doesn’t mind getting his boots dirty and running a farm. MAN. That’s all man. Also, a man that would take you on top of the kitchen counter. Yeah. Meet Axel aka Arion.

Oh, Arion. Baby. You’re some kinda trouble that I wouldn’t mind getting myself into.

He is oh so sweet and protective to Angel, and sometimes I feel like she mistakes that for possessiveness. Considering her past, some of her wariness is understandable, but she is a rollercoaster of emotions. And yeah, he makes it a point to let her know that she is his and he wants her. But she verbally shoots that down multiple times, while in her heart, she knows full well she needs him.

Woman. You just flew across the country to be with him. You wouldn’t have gone if you didn’t want him in some way, shape, or form. Please, relax.

Also, when she freaks out after she finds out he looked into her past. If you had some strange person show up on your doorstep and sleep in your bed and drink your fancy coffee, wouldn’t you like to know what their shady past consists of?

That’s about my only frustration with this book. The back and forth thing they go on when I knew exactly how it would eventually end.

Overall, a very sexy, emotionally real book. Something worth checking out.