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Deeper - Blue Ashcroft With the sweet sudden, lyrical start that rivals a Sarah Dessen novel to the dynamically heartbreaking, sexy relationships that you’d find in one Colleen Hoovers’ books, it was hard to put Deeper down.

Rain Wilson. (Honestly, I kept thinking of Rainn Wilson and that would throw me off for a second).

She is a strong girl. She has gone through something that has altered her reality and made her feel unworthy to live. Although, I feel like it wasn’t her fault whatsoever. She kept calling William her boyfriend but they’d never really gone out. I don’t understand the loyalty she felt towards him.

Knight McAllister.

Like Rain, he is also going through something. Suicide is never an easy topic to read about. He’s coping with the loss of not only his ex, but one of his best friends. He’s just so adorable and tragic.

Rain wants to be strong and do things for herself. She doesn’t want to depend on anyone. But apparently, Knight refuses to believe this and is constantly getting mad at her for standing up for herself.

They try to work out their feelings for each other at the most awkward times. I was seriously wondering if I had missed something and maybe they were in a more private setting. But, no. Rain is begging Knight to understand her while he was some creep pinned up against a wall.

The on and off thing was really starting to grate on my nerves. I mean, I get that Rain didn’t want to get too close to anyone, but she needed to decide and get it over with. Ultimately, after 4 whole pages of back and forth “Do you love me” “I don’t love you”, she makes a decision. And it was about damn time.

But I liked this. I really liked it. And the absorbing story these two have is painfully beautiful.