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A Beautiful Fate

A Beautiful Fate - Cat Mann The Fates are here, people. And they mean business.

All the feels I have right now are rattling around my brain making it impossible for me to be subtle about anything. So let me give a brief breakdown of why this book is pure awesome.

Greek motherfucking mythology! (see? no subtlety. I just can’t.)
It’s what I’m all about and this book delivers.

You like the tale of The Fates?
It’s here. (And just plain brilliant.)
It’s not something I knew a lot about and I was pleased to learn more about it.

Kickass heroines with a light trigger finger?
Meet Ava.
She’ll mope around one minute and then burn the skin from your face the next. She’s a tad off kilter, but considering her past, I think you’d understand.

Sexy heroes who get things heated and then stop abruptly?
Ari, the gentleman.
Oh, Lord help us. He is just amazing. I don’t find one fault in the boy. (But considering who his parents are, I guess you couldn’t!)

Strong family situations that make you cry?
The Alexanders and all the other Greek family members are simply a heartwarming crowd.
It reminded me of the family from My Big Fat Greek Wedding and I just fell completely in love with every single one of them. Ari’s parents are the perfect models on how to raise your kids. They are lenient where need be and strict when it comes to important shit. They get stuff done.

Adorable sidekicks, best friends, and difficult ex-girlfriends?
Mrs. Mann has you covered in every area possible. Meet August, Rory, and Julia.
Very rarely does a book get the characters right on every mark, but this one does. I could honestly read an entire book about Rory and be absolutely content. I love him. If I can’t have an Ari, I want a Rory.

Exceptional writing that delivers on every level?
Welcome. You’ve come to the right place.
The story is weaved phenomenally and it was hard to put this book down. I found myself thinking about it at work and wishing I had brought my Kindle with me. (I missed the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars to read this. I deliberately missed it. That means something.)

Cliffhangers that make you want to drown your e-reader in the nearest Siren’s lagoon?
Unfortunately, yes. (But so worth it.)
Those last few chapters are killing me. That’s all I’m gunna say.

Oh, y’all. This is just one of the coolest books I’ve read in a while. There is something to be said about books that are unique. Books that can take a simple fable and spin it into so much more. A Beautiful Fate is exactly that.

Romance. Action. Beautiful storyline. It’s all here and better than ever.