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Love and Candy

Love and Candy - Elizabeth Famous *Definite spoilers ahead. Just a warning.*

Goodreads rating system is a little iffy, but I follow it. One star means "did not like it". And I didn't. It just wasn't my cup of tea, but I hope it can be yours. It wasn't terribly written. There wasn't lack of a plot. It just felt way too real for me, and I couldn't get past that. I don't want to discourage anyone to NOT read it just because I couldn't stomach the thought of someones first love (and in Sam's case, her only) being so "hardcore".

Oh, boy. Where to begin?

I don’t want to be completely rude because the author was nice enough to gift me a copy. And although the writing was great and there were next to no errors or repeating (which I really hate in books), there was just so much wrong. In my honest opinion. So. Much.

I'm aware that this sort of relationship does actually happen and I guess that is what disgusts me the most.

Her story is not a poor one. It's definitely one of the more realistic books I have read that is mostly centered around sex.

I thought it was going to be hopeless and he was going to dump her and then I would have been really pissed. But I'm glad with how it turned out and I commend Delaney on growing up.

I understand that this is considered gritty and that’s half the reason I was interested in reading it. But since when has gritty and foolish been considered synonymous?

Samantha seemed way younger than she actually was. Despite the narration’s attempt at making her seem grown up and mature, she was WAY too naïve and innocent and Delaney made sure to take advantage of every piece of that.

One minute she was determined to not have sex with him, and the next, she gave in to his pleas and prodding hands.
Ladies, if you have to close your eyes every time you have sex with him, just stop. There is obviously no connection. Something is wrong with that whole picture.

“She wasn’t ready to trust herself with important decisions.”  an actual quote.
Oh really, Sam? I’m not sure what’s more important than deciding when and who and where to have sex. Especially when you’re only 16.

Delaney. “Bad boy”, is not how I would describe him.
Douche? Asshole? Womanizer?
Yup, all of the above.

This is a guy who has zero respect for himself, let alone anyone else.

For whatever reason, Samantha is under the impression that he really cares about her. But from my view point, he could give a shit less about Sam. In the beginning, that is. Towards the end apparently he grows the fuck up and learns to care about someone other than himself.

Her parents are probably the worst part of this book.

Now, I am not a parent, and maybe I was raised a hell of a lot differently than other people, but parents don’t speak like that with their kids. (And they sure as hell wouldn’t have asked me how I liked it if I confessed I’d just lost my virginity in the back of a car.)

Samantha’s parent’s thoughts went along these lines:
No, we don’t feel you are responsible enough for a cell phone, but please, have all the sex you want, with who the fuck ever. We’re a-okay with it.

It’s just not a realistic parenting.

Her dad suddenly has a realization that he’s not okay with some of this and puts down some ground rules. But really, a day late and a dollar short, sir.

Don’t get me wrong, it is completely okay to teach your kids to be opinionated and have a strong will and independence. But that can only go so far when you treat you children more as friends than your responsibility.

That whole threesome thing blew me out of the water. It’s just not something you discuss with your kids! Keep that shit between you and him and him.

Please, don’t even get me started on the views of rape. I just…I can’t even. Rape is rape. End of story. There shouldn’t be any other discussion.

I’m not bashing premarital sex or sex at a really young age, but put some thought into the decision. It’s generally something that isn’t decided on a whim. And don't let him decide for you. Or her. It can go each way.