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Running from Romeo

Running from Romeo - Diane Mannino Despise the inconsistences within this book, and there are a ton, the ending (if we're calling it that), was what really made me like this book. Reminding us that not everything is happily ever after. (There is a sequel, but really I don’t mind it ending like this. Maybe I’m just being super un-romantic tonight, but whatever.)

Emilia is so innocent it’s hard to believe she grew up in this century. Logan has so much resolve throughout their relationship; I find it hard to think he has such an infamous past as we are led to believe.

Their relationship was of the vanilla sort. But not too boring that I didn’t like them together. Sometimes it felt as if they were running their relationship as more of a business. So serious!

Given Emilia’s past, I understand her baby steps into a more intimate relationship. But damn, girl! Even I was feeling Logan’s frustrations (even though he was politely gentlemanly about it.) I just wanted to go all Robbie Williams on them and scream “I don’t wanna be sleazy. Baby just tease me; got no family plan!”

I loved their emails!

I loved Bryn and her constant supply of cocktails.

I loved the little soundtrack the book flowed with. Seriously, that could have been my iPod.

There was SO much waist grasping and giggling. Jesus Christ, this girl giggled about everything! Every. Little. Thing.

This is definitely a novel, so set aside a few days to read it. To be honest, I felt like a lot could have been taken out. Too long.

So yeah, I may or may not read the next one. Although, I would like to see how everything turns out. That ending is just killer and I thought maybe I hadn’t got the full book.