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Gone Wild

Gone Wild - Ever McCormick The good. The bad. The sexually frustrated.

I love the mountains.

I agree whole heartedly with Adam. There is nothing more peaceful than waking up to the peak of a luscious, green mountain right outside your window. The serene dip of a dark valley. The seclusion is tranquil, and, to a certain extent, it can be sexy. (Yes. I just called mountains sexy. Deal.)

But, would I want to stay there day in, day out? Never leaving? Getting my groceries via Amazon? Nope. I like human interaction every now and then. I’d probably go stark raving mad if I was stranded in the mountains for months at a time.

I enjoyed Ina and Adam’s days in the mountains. Their hikes and talks.

I did not like the constant repeating of details. Like, seriously. We get it.

His eyes are blue. Like the ocean. Like the sky. Like a storm. BLUE.

Something’s were very inconsistent and for some reason that bothered me more than I thought it would have.

The mystery was great. Although I already knew what would probably happen, I was still surprised when it did. And disturbed by it. Greatly.

The romance was almost too sweet. Sometimes Adam would say something and it just isn’t something a 27 year old man would say.

Altogether, a well written novel that could easily be made into a movie that I would watch again and again, alongside the likes of Nicholas Sparks.