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When the World Was Flat (and we were in love)

When the World Was Flat (and we were in love) - Ingrid Jonach Sigh.

I did a lot of sighing during this book.

Sighing for the unrequited love and for the things I saw coming and didn’t really want to happen.

This book got into my head. It burrowed itself deep into my subconscious to where I was dreaming about alternative dimensions. Other realities where I would make an opposite decision in my life and completely change the course of my lifetime. There was even a time at work where one of my coworkers said she should have done one thing instead of the other thing she actually did, and all I was thinking was “well, you definitely did in another dimension.” So yeah, I was affected.

Ultimately, When the World was Flat (And We Were in Love) is unique. The concept of reincarnation has been done before, but this book switches it up and adds a spark of time traveling! (AWESOME!)

Lillie was a great character, although I was once again, sighing, at her utter naiveness. And for a while she did a Bella Swan thing and shut out the rest of the world for lack of a boyfriend.

I loved her friends. I liked her mom even though she was a bit off kilter. I like Jackson.

I loved Tom. Loved. Tom.

And um, Mrs. Jonach is an Australian author, so of course the writing is appealing and delightful.