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Escaping Reality

Escaping Reality - Lisa Renee Jones A girl running from something that neither she nor the reader know what it really is?
Yeah. I'm all over that. I love a good mystery.

Amy is a well built character. She has her motives and she lives by a conscience. Until she meets Liam and slowly goes downhill, straying from her good girl routine into something more wild. Human. But all the while keeping her loyalties in check.

I could talk about this man for days.

Hostile. Demanding. Possessive. Angry. Intimidating. Mysterious. Alluring. Sexy. Heartwarming. Protective. Bewitching.

Devastating. In the worst and best way possible, Liam Stone is devastating.

Besides the ahem, intense love scenes, this book has a damn good plot. A story that I hate to have to wait for the next one to come out! (WHY!?) But one that I will pick up immediately upon release.

I have no idea what is happening with Jarred. Or Meg, but she's sketchy.

Intriguing is how I'm going to recommend you this book. Be intrigued. Be mesmerized.