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The Only Exception

The Only Exception - Magan Vernon Cute.

That’s really the only way I can accurately describe this book.

Monica has all these headstrong views, but she lets Trey (and a few other characters) alter her thoughts a lot more than she puts on.

There’s one part in this book where she doesn’t want to hold hands with him because it is going to take a lot more than smiles for her to be close to him like that (or something to that nature). HOWEVER, not a few pages before she was making out with him. Okay, Monica. Get your shit together, honey.

Monica’s story actually had me choking up a few times. I respect her for her opinions and I’m glad she truly sticks by her contraception views.

Trey was a little unbelievable for me. Too good to be true.

Although I’m not very big on politicking, I loved the way they spoke to each other. Grown up. Adult. Interesting.

One thing that bugged the piss out of me was the constant repeating of any detail.
She moved to escape something from her other college: mentioned a hundred times.
Being a new tenant next to the governor’s son: every other paragraph. I swear.
Stoner roommate: a few times too many until she got over it.

Overall, an interesting read. The epilogue was adorable.