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Three Wishes

Three Wishes - Juli Alexander Adorable!

Three Wishes is a quick, cute read that I really loved.

I love the idea of genies. I wish they were real and I wouldn’t mind having my own sexy genie man to grant me wishes.

Jen is great. Except for a few things, she could be a great role model for many young girls. She seemed to care a little too much for what other people thought of her, but she was also very levelheaded. Although, I could have don’t without all the lying. That’s just something I can’t tolerate.

Her relationship with her two brothers is an absolute perfect representation of siblings. Other books show siblings as a more unified set, but my experience with my brother is nothing but chaos. Constantly at each other’s throats. Prank wars for days. Screaming matches. That’s how real siblings are. I can’t tell you how weird it would be for my brother to come up to me and just get all emotional. Nope. Something would be very wrong.

Ultimately, I loved her family.

Leo was so sweet! A charming gentleman with a motorcycle. Delightful. He and Jen’s growing relationship wasn’t pushed, and I found that adorable.

The genie aspect was interesting! I hope to read more about it in the future from Mrs. Alexander.