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The Truth About Letting Go

The Truth About Letting Go - Leigh Talbert Moore Shallow. Selfish.

Those are the only adjectives I can use to describe every part of this book.

Ashley. She was so fucking confusing and I really don’t understand her thought process. Colt reminds her of her dad so she immediately wants to sleep with him. UH. WTF. NO. I understand that everyone grieves a different way but her thinking was just strange. She used people to no end and I was fed up by the time she barely started to give a shit about someone else.

Charlotte. Uh. Okay. She was weird and I still don’t understand her obsession with Ashley’s dad. She was a bitch. End of story.

Ashley’s friend, who I can’t even bother to remember her name, was probably the worst of the worst. She didn’t give a shit about anyone else’s feelings and I would’ve had to knock a bitch out if someone were ever so inconsiderate to me.

Colt. For a moment there, towards the end, he redeemed himself and we can sort of understand what he is trying to run away from. Still, he was giving off that rapist vibe for a good percent of the book and I won’t get over that car scene. (Nothing sexy about it. Nothing.)

Jordan. Poor Jordan. Stuck in a town with all of these crazy ass, self-absorbed people. He is the best part of this book.

Now, despite all that, there was one thing that really got me. I don’t take death easily, there are some of us that have been hit by it greatly, and these past few years of my life have taken some really awesome people from me.

And this fucking book made me cry. And I woke up thinking about it and I cried some more.

So yeah. 1.5 stars. Really fucked up, bitchy, overwhelmingly egotistical characters who made me cry.