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Touching Melody

Touching Melody - RaShelle Workman Someone likes Fifty Shades of Grey, huh? (Is it sad that I just sat here for minutes trying to decide on which "gray" is the correct spelling? yeah, it is. It's sad.)

I haven't read the 50 shades books, but I got that vibe a few times while reading Touching Melody.

And while I hear from tons of people that 50 Shades lacks story, Touching Melody takes care of everything in that department.

This story was surprisingly moving. I wasn't expecting it to be so heartfelt, but it was absolutely adorable. And sexy. Incredibly sexy.

This book started out kinda heavy. I guess I was looking for something a little more light, but I really can't complain about this book. Then it got action packed and sped up and I appreciated that.

I loved Maddie and Gina! I really wish I would've had a roommate in college, cause that woulda been the ideal experience (uhm, minus the coke...)

And Kyle was this mix of sweet and slightly alarming. Not the sorta relationship I would want to be in, but to each their own I suppose.

(I'm slightly distracted while typing this cause I can hear MaMa playing in the other room and I'm reliving the nightmares when I went and saw it in theaters. I'm a wimp. Sorry.)

The music aspect got to me. I love books that center on music, and I can relate to Maddie's way of escaping.

So yeah. A great book for a summer day. Or any day. It kinda ended abruptly and I would like to know what the hell happens with Gina!!

I guess I'll go watch MaMa now. I'm a gluten for punishment. But also, I love Guillermo Del Toro.