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Secret for a Song

Secret for a Song - S.K. Falls Let me start with this: there was a lot of redemption in this book. Honestly, if there wouldn't have been any, I would have burned my Kindle where it sat.

I started out hating it. This girl with this disease that she pretty much brings onto her self. Wanting and envying people who have cancer and aids. (NO! BITCH NO!)

I always finish every book I own, and I was not going to let this sick and twisted fantasy that Saylor lives in break me of that.

And then I got absorbed into understanding her. Although it's still pretty fucked up, I started to, somewhat (very little), understand her prognosis and the length this Munchhausen progresses too. (Not like an actual disease, more like some shit people make up in their heads.) There was a lot of Googling done on my side of the book.

Anyways, Saylor (great name!) redeems herself and I don't completely hate her by the end of the book. The writing in Secret for a Song was gorgeous and I loved the way Falls compares things. It was unique and I loved finding new descriptions that I really have never heard before. (Which rarely happens in books nowadays).

I cried a lot. I loved the people she met at the support group. That part of the book really touched me. However, I wish there would have been a further explanation of what happened with everyone!

It did end abruptly, but Drew and Saylor's ending probably would have been heartbreaking any other way. (And then I really would have hated this book.)