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Deeper We Fall

Deeper We Fall - Chelsea M. Cameron I don't know what I went in expecting.

The premise sounded great. I love books where two people from different parts of life come together. The animosity between Lottie and Zan really helped that.

But towards the end, about 70% through, it got kinda bogged down. The lovey dovey part of Zan and Lottie's relationship wasn't as endearing as I hoped it would be. It was irritating actually.

I loved how Cameron integrated To Kill a Mockingbird in this story. That was truly lovely.

I'm a little drunk right now and I'm not necessarily sure how my feelings for this book are coming through. I guess I just hoped it would have been better.

Zack was a dick. I loved all of Lotties friends.

I'm really excited to read about Stryker in the next book! That's gunna be cool.