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Outcast - Adrienne Kress For a while I was over reading angel related books.

Much like vampire and werewolf books, I was wary of picking up another one because they all seemed the same and I was bored of reading about it.

So I chose Outcast with a glimmer of hope and a Southern setting promise.

I was So. Blown. Away.

The lyrical, dreamy writing combined with the charm of this small, somewhat creepy town drove me to stay up late night after night and devour this book.

Never will angels be the same for me.

I adored Riley’s world and the way she perceived everyone else. Her views were original and I appreciated that. The people in this town, especially around Etta Mae’s parts, were so unique and special that I don’t believe I will ever forget a single character.

Riley’s parents were realistic. It just felt real to me and reminded me of my own family

Now. Can I please take a small moment to bask in the perfect, sexy, rebel radiance that is Gabe? He was this seamless mix of gentleman and badass. His dialogue was adorable. I LOVE how he and Riley’s paths intertwined and I appreciated how they mixed into each other’s worlds.

The cultish following of these angels was so creepy. And I know shit like that actually exists in some religions, and it is hella weird. Father Warren was a damn crazy person. Those types of “churches” are disturbing.

And that ending is tearing me up and I can’t help but want more. Some other form of closure. Just a little more time with every single person in this town.