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The Summer I Became a Nerd

The Summer I Became a Nerd - Leah Rae Miller It’s very rare when I read a book that is centered in Louisiana. It is even rarer when I find one that is written by a native Louisiana author.

That is the main reason I picked this book out.

The heart and soul I found when I started reading is what made me stick around.

The Summer I Became a Nerd is delightful! I instantly fell in love with Maddie’s world and I felt like I could relate to her hiding things she likes. It’s great to read about someone finding themselves and not caring what anyone else thinks.
I fell in step beside her and Logan whenever they were together. Their parts were my favorite. Hilarious and adorable.

The atmosphere of this book reminded me of a Sarah Dessen novel (whom I love) and the whimsy that surrounds this group of characters was reminiscent of a John Green book (ahem, who I may love more).

Dan. The. Freakin. Man.
He made the damn book for me. He was just great in every scene he stepped into. Charming. Witty. Sly. Dirty Mouth Dan.

Not only could I relate to all the geeky stuff, I absolutely related to the Louisiana aspects.

The gross, sticky warm weather.
The beauty in just a field speckled with Magnolia trees.
LSU Tigers!
The Festival of Lights in Natchitoches around Christmas time.

It was refreshing to say the least.

You want one word to sum this book up? One word to make you need no other reason to absolutely read it?


This book is awesome.