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Out of This Place

Out of This Place - Emma Cameron It has been a long time since I’ve read a book written in verse.

I forgot how beautiful and elegant they are. So simple, yet so dynamic. Expertly crafted to convey the most emotion in so little. Especially in the case for Out of This Place, I couldn’t peel my eyes from my kindle.

I started reading around noon on a beautiful, sunny day. I could have been swimming, but instead I was perched on the swing outside, getting sunburned because I refused to stop reading. I finished the same day and immediately wished it never had to end.

So far, not a single Australian author has disappointed me. I’m not sure what is in the air over there, but it has some serious creative flavor.

Out of This Place drags you into each of these characters lives. Through the eyes of Luke, Casey, and Bongo, we see how hard it truly is for some people, and how to appreciate the life you were given.

I felt so hard for these three. Their lives are so different, yet so similar. But they each find someone worse off than they are.

I cried. I smiled. My heart grew every time a new line of verse would begin.

Gorgeous writing. Spectacular characters. This book is remarkable.