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Darkhouse  - Karina Halle I am afraid of the dark and it’s only getting worse the older I get. You’d think it would be reversed. With time, I should be less afraid. But for some reason, at 21 years of age, I’m filled with terror anytime I have to walk to my car in the pitch black of night. I still sprint to my bedroom as soon as I turn the last light off at my house. I go completely still when I hear any sound during the middle of the night.

However, with all of that going on inside my head, I absolutely love a good ghost story. And I will still watch a horror movie at midnight, even though I will more than likely have my eyes shielded half of the time. Actually, all of that is probably the reason my imagination runs wild with fright during the hours of darkness.

With that being said, the ghost hunter promise in the synopsis of Darkhouse is what pulled me into downloading this book. (Even though it turned out to not really be ghosts after all, maybe.)

And once I finished the first chapter, it was everything else about this book that kept me up late finishing this fucking awesome, haunting tale. The words exploded off the page and seeped into my soul. Scaring the living shit out of me in the process, but in the best way possible. Perry and Dex are so good together. I love this weird connection they have and I’m really anxious to find out more.

It’s insane how much I related to Perry.
College graduate.
Trying to find somewhere that you fit in even though most people deal with that during college or even high school.
A younger sibling who has their shit together more than you do.
Still trying to find something that you love doing even though that ridiculous degree you finished Community College with has served no purpose.
Trying to find your thing.
Yeah, Perry, I gotcha.

And if only it was easy as a 2 week adventure where fate just comes knocking in the form of a brooding man trying to further his own career. Where being around him sort of shows you how you’d like your life to be. What you will do to make it become what you want.

I mean really, I wish Ms. Halle had a magic typewriter that made stories come true so she could write some understanding into my life. (Older gentleman included). Give me some of the perception that Perry got.

All in all, a terrific read if you’re looking to read something good. Also, something that will scare the pants off of you.

Although, lets be honest, we’d all rather it be Dex’s pants that are off.