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White Lines

White Lines - Jennifer Banash Besides this book being a great story, it’s laced with some of the most gorgeous writing I’ve read in awhile. That is what makes White Lines a truly amazing book.

Caitlin’s story is powerful. The fast life she lives would be envied by most scene kids in 2013. Cat just kind of floats through life, never truly knowing what the hell she is doing. Just doing for the hell of it. Living life to its fullest without much meaning. Until she meets Julian, and the hard wall she’s put up slowly begins to plummet away.

I enjoyed reading about her nightlife adventures, but the hard drug use was sometimes difficult to see. I hate seeing young people ruining their life on ridiculous shit. Even if this was the 80’s, a lot of what Banash wrote about can be applied to our modern society.

The writing is absolutely marvelous. Every word flows like a seductive song, pulling me deeper and deeper within the chapter. I seriously couldn’t get enough.