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My Wolf's Bane

My Wolf's Bane - Veronica Blade Veronica Blade never fails to make me wish that one of her books is what my high school experience would have been like. (All the paranormal/supernatural stuff would have just been a bonus). Full of temptation, inspiration, and family, My Wolf’s Bane did not disappoint.

I read this book in a day. Up late at night, clinging to my Kindle until my eyes started to blur, and I finally had to give up on Autumn and Zack’s sexual tension/supernatural occurrences. Then I woke up and instantly began reading again. (I think that’s called addicted).

I loved reading about Autumn learning to control her abilities. (I’m really excited to see what happens with her parents in the next book)! Also, any scene with her and Zack stole the show. (Daniel is creepy to the max).

Yes, there is almost nothing that I love more than a bad boy. Except maybe a good guy with tough guy tendencies. A man with manners and class, but not too soft that he just sits back and takes everyone’s bullshit. A guy who stands up for his woman.

Enter Zack de Luca. Sweet, reserved Zack is honestly every guy I ever had a crush on in high school. (Except the werewolf part, of course). The relationship between him and his mom seriously broke my heart.

So yeah, another great supernatural read from Mrs. Blade! Excited for the next in this series!