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Dark Passage (Chosen Book 1)

Dark Passage (Chosen Book 1) - M.L. Woolley I guess I really can’t give this book a proper review, on account of only the very fast skimming that I did.

If all you gave me was the synopsis and a detailed description of the world Dark Passage takes place in, I would have said it sounds great. Because honestly, the plot sounded really cool! I was interested to learn more about it.

I could not get pulled into this book. The world that was created is bland and confusing. The story building and word building is almost nonexistent. The word "I"felt overused.

The writing was choppy and the perspective that each chapter was written in was so damn confusing! Like this book is literally all over the place. And I mean that in every sense. I am really not even sure about anything that actually happened in the book. Other than ghosts and an abusive husband.