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As You Were (Project Five Fifteen #2)

As You Were (Project Five Fifteen #2) - Samantha Summers I generally try to avoid book series of any kind. Usually I know what direction they will take and they tend to be all over the place, and too much of a good thing can get old. Sometimes the first book will be great and the rest are shit. Or the first book is boring, but something spiked my curiosity and I have to continue reading to see what happens. Cause there is always something in a series that peaks interest and pulls you under. And I dread to continue reading cause it is just boring dialogue with pointless story.

But on occasion, I come across a series, like the Project Five Fifteen one, that delivers in every possible way. A series that I can anticipate. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait too long for As You Were.

Without all the assassin stuff, the relationship between Kalen and Ronnie is simply adorable. I love protectiveness in a guy, and Kalen has found the right amount of it. He’s not abusive protective. He simply cares enough for Ronnie to want her close to him at all times. (Well, most times.)

But let’s be honest, the assassin aspect of Project Five Fifteen is hot. It something that I haven’t read before and I LOVE getting into this world. In this book, the boys and Ronnie are all over the place. Traveling here and there to escape the bad guys, which now include Laith. (Which sucks.)

And it is seeing the boys in action that I loved most about As You Were. It was seriously thrilling to read about them carrying out a mission! I felt like I was there, sneaking up on some assassin dude. Every detail puts you behind the gun, knife, or fists.

So the boys are awesome. (I’d marry them up in an instant.) The story is exhilarating. Ronnie is strong willed, and not too dependant on Kalen that it is annoying. And to be honest, I loved this one more than the first! (I even cried during this one!)

I’m definitely ready for the next in this series.