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Ten Rallies

Ten Rallies - Pasquin I graduated high school with decent grades. I also graduated from college with an educated secretary and bookkeeping degree. But I had damn good grades and I worked my ass off to make sure I was prepared after I graduated. However, six months after graduating, I am unemployed. With that being said, here is my review.

It is one thing when a book makes me think. It is another thing when a book makes me think, and regroup all current thoughts I have about one certain topic.

Ten Rallies had a major impact on how I’m seeing the school system now.

There is one part in particular in this book that has really stuck with me. Neutron was talking about standardized tests. He said they are pretty much just tests to see how good the teacher is, and if the teachers don’t pass they should get fired.

Now, when I was in high school, my Spanish teacher wasn’t much of a teacher. We watched more movies in that class unrelated to Spanish than I care to admit. (Borat was among the selection.) If my class were to have taken a standardized test related to Spanish, we would all fail miserably. (I’ve honestly learned more Spanish from watching Dora the Explorer when I baby-sit than I did in my two years of high school Spanish.) Not only was this teacher a horrible instructor, she didn’t even have a freaking degree in Spanish! She had no license. To this day, I have no idea why she is still a teacher there.

Anyways, this book is fairly spot on about the education system.

I also really loved the way this book was written. Very straight forward. Great POV.

If you’re willing to listen to what Pasquin has to say, read this book. It is good stuff.