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The Temptation

The Temptation - Alisa Valdes I really, really wanted to love this book! It sounded so interesting, so tempting, and I had high expectations for it. But, The Temptation fell flat for me. It wasn’t the story that I didn’t like. Shane and Travis were adorable, although at times the connection they had seemed forced and weird. I really loved the paranormal/supernatural/ghost thing that this Kindred series is about. That is the main reason why I will read the next one. (Uh, that cliffhanger is killing me!)

It was the writing that I couldn’t get past. It didn’t seem to flow, and this made it hard to read the story. There were many things in this book that seemed out of place and unnecessary. Some things really didn’t add anything to Shane and Travis’s story.

So while I want to read the next book in the Kindred series, I’m not eager to run out and buy it the first day it hits shelves.

*won from Goodreads