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First Light

First Light - Samantha Summers Ah, is that how it’s going to end!? Oh, the sequel can not be out soon enough.

First off, I would like to thank Ms. Summers for giving me the opportunity to read First Light!

There is just nothing better than a book with tons of action! It has everything I could have asked for, and then some. Ronnie is so heart wrenching, that sometimes it’s almost too much. I know first hand what it is like when someone you love dies and then you find stuff out about them that you didn’t know when they were still alive. I felt for here, and really just wanted things to work out. She deserves that much.

And the boys! They reminded me of the seven dwarfs, and Ronnie was their Snow White. Kalen is one of the sweetest (deadly charming (;) characters ever! His inner battle between right and wrong is something that we can all relate to, even if we aren’t assassins. I loved them all, especially adorable little Ace! And the entire time I’m reading, I was constantly wondering if the government actually does stuff like that. (I’m still curious.)

This book was really awesome, and I really can not wait for the next one!