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Holy shit. This book was phenomenal.

Unravel - Calia Read

There’s a point towards the end where I was thinking “wow, I really don’t see what’s wrong with this girl. Why is she in a crazy hospital? I’m no doctor but I can diagnose her as not crazy, just under pressure with all the drama going on, it’s really mean for all these people to make her seem like she is insane” and then BOOM, holy shit, now I see why.

And I immediately mentally went back trying to see how this could be and yeah, the pieces are there I just wasn’t putting them together

Because we’re reading from her perspective so we’re the patient. And that tripped my mind up.


These are becoming my favorite types of books. (the second with this particular disorder that I’ve read this year (and I still didn’t see it coming!) and I’m seriously intrigued).

Dark physiological thrillers. Head fuckers.

I was sickened once everything really started for Naomi and Lana. It was a punch in the gut I wasn’t expecting and not something I’ve read about ever. Not once. And I almost puked in my mouth. 

And once it almost wrapped up, I was still sick. Because it was still going on. Even now I’m pissed just thinking about it! What’s wrong with people!?!

Lachlan and Max.

Ah, boy. Most of that was really, really hot.
And then it was sweet.

The story is a good one, it is done well. It is done in such a way that it is not tacky, which is how this book could’ve turned out very, very bad. Unravel is incredibly detailed and complex.

The back story alone is touching and worth the read (and there were so many clues, why didn’t I see!?!?!!).

A well written, edge of your seat page turner. An unbelievably, moving rapture of feelings. Unravel is one of my favorite books this year.